When I often introduce myself to others as a karate athlete, especially those who have yet to see me in person, what usually comes to mind is a tough, sweaty and ragged appearance of a tom boy with mouth guards.

While although it’s not entirely a wrong perception, but really I do have a soft side that likes glitz and glamour and rocks the dress, high heels and tiaras just as convincingly as my gis, gloves and foot gear. But to be honest, walking in heels with blisters from trainings really is tough. No matter, I still managed to put on a smile, wear my rouge lipstick and pose for the camera. Ninja princess mode on again…

My first recent photoshoot went spectacular and I could not be more happy with how amazing my photos turned out, and all unfiltered, unphotoshopped and raw. That is why photography is not only a skill and profession but also art. Using lighting and correct lenses, one who has mastered the art of photography can capture all the nice features of any client.

As so it happens, I’m lucky to say that my photographer is also my first sponsor. Nazbanoo Photo Studios did an amazing job with my first photoshoot experience for this pageant. Their patience, support, high quality service and professionalism is much appreciated.

So now lets jump to the results and enjoy the photos. I have divided my photo collection to series. First series features me in my pageant gown, crown and sash. The video bellow contains my favorite selected images. So make sure to click play and enjoy!

I love the atmosphere created by the photographer, it really sets the nostalgic mood of a dream I had long ago. And this song, “Nocturne by Secret Garden” really captures the spirit of the photos. The dimly lit room with glimmering candles gave me a flashback to a dream I once had. I absolutely enjoyed the experience!








This modelling experience is very new and exciting for me and it really contrasts what I’m already used to. Normally for karate, when I go on mat, my goal is to intimidate my opponent. That’s particularly why I chose to get black mouth guards. It makes me look tough. It adds to the drama. For kata performances I have to furrow by brows and wear my most serious look. Instead of saying cheese or smiling I’m used to yelling and screaming my loudest kia. Well I guess, I learn something new everyday.

I’ve always enjoyed the spotlight from childhood. I’ve always been interested in fashion and modelling. For long, I’ve really wished to become an actress. I’m not removing any options from the table. I still believe the future has so many great opportunities in store for me and I want to continue shining my light on any stage, whether if it’s in the Olympics or on TV. As the old saying goes, never say never. I feel blessed for all the doors that have opened for me, and those that are waiting to be opened soon!

By yours truly,

Mahta, Miss Teen Newmarket 2018

Written by: Mahta

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