Whew! What an incredibly busy week it’s been. The fact is, next week my schedule will be much more eventful. It’s time to buckle down and get things done! The Toronto Open Tournament is coming up so I’m training my absolute best for that. It is an international tournament as it is an “Open” event. Last year I captured the Gold in kumite and Bronze in Kata. So looking forward to that. Festivals, parades, platform activities, interviews… All within a week. I’m sure by the end of next week I will turn into a jelly. But I’m thankful! This means that I am actually blessed with so many opportunities. I know I’m lucky!

So to keep my readers fresh and today’s blog light and uplifting, I have decided to share my third photoshoot series which is actually one of my favourites. This one in particular, I’m in a beautiful black cocktail dress, sash and crown. I loved the camera angles my photographer decided to use. I have more closeups in this series than the rest. And my face pops out more due to the contrasting outfit as well as the unique smoky background.

Again, as my first official sponsor of this pageant, Nazbanoo Photo Studio has done an amazing job in bringing out my best features and making me feel comfortable, poised and confident in front of the camera. As I said before, photography is an art which one needs to master in order to leave the best impression on the client and viewers. And I’m impressed!

I myself enjoy photography a lot, but I am most certainly not a professional. I usually capture great nature photos with my smartphone, whenever and wherever I get that chance. Not to brag, but I do have a good eye for photography. So does my sister. Maybe it runs in the family. Now that I mentioned it, I will most definitely share some of my photos in later blogs. Trust me, they’re awesome. I mean some of those pictures turned out to be so high quality and beautiful that it literally takes my breath away, I don’t know about you, but I will most definitely share.

Now back to my photoshoot. Well, the crown! It was an issue in the beginning. It used to slip off of my head. I remember precisely the moment I was crowned at the Ontario Second Qualifier event. The crown almost fell off my head! Of course everyone laughed, but not in a taunting way. Because I laughed too! It was a joyous moment of triumph for me and I was enjoying my time standing on that stage with my friends. I will never forget. Well we have found a solution for the not so huge problem. A lot of bobby pins! I guess it wasn’t such a great issue. Also my hair texture is a bit silky to be fair, so no wonder! No! My head is absolutely not small, and it’s not the equivalent of the Red Queen’s head either!

Overall, the whole experience is great. It’s like a breath of fresh air to be able to dress up, put on makeup, put down my hair, wear high heels and pose! I’m so used to wearing my hair up in a tight bun, no makeup face, karate gi and sparring gear that this feels like I’m almost living a parallel life. But both sides of my personality I embrace. A girl can be confident, powerful, glammed up and feminine all at once. The are no rules to how one wishes to represent themselves. I encourage all other girls to think and act the same way!

Until next time, please enjoy this video and I’ll catch up with you all soon!

By yours truly,

Mahta – Miss Teen Newmarket 2018

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