I love fashion. I love dressing up. And I absolutely love and enjoy photoshoots. As my readers have been following up with my photoshoot series, they may remember that the photo studio I go to, also happens to be my first sponsor, Nazbanoo Photo Studios. All of these photos are unfiltered/untouched. I’m happy with the high quality and great standard service they provide. I’m looking forward to going there again for my next series of Photoshoots. Next time: action photos.

For this photoshoot, I chose to mix and match calm and bright colours. I love my off the shoulder light blue top, floral scarf that has the same print as my one-shoulders strap small handbag, matching velvet pointed heels and belt, skinny white jeans and my most favourite asset, the earphone which gives my look an overall chic and youthful appearance. I believe that if you choose to be fashionable, what colour you choose to wear in your daily outfit is not a big issue, so long as you know how to harmonize the colours and mix-and-match your outfit properly.

This outfit is most appropriate for a summer outing with family and friends, both outdoor and indoor parties such as birthdays and even on more casual occasions so long as you replace the heels with more comfortable shoes such as sandals or sneakers. As for the makeup, only choosing to wear it lightly and perhaps with a bubblegum or cherry lipstick and lip gloss is great enough.

I personally choose to have long and healthy lashes instead of any fake ones. When I was younger, my eye lashes grew to be so long and full that I would be complimented on them by friends or even strangers. I actually had one or two friends who had a close look at them to examine and make sure they’re mine. I found it hilarious. We had a good laugh about it. As I’m growing older, they tend to fall out more, so I make sure to apply caster oil on them every once-in-a-while (before bed) to help with my eyelash growth. A cool fact is, actress Elizabeth Taylor had two rows of eye lashes, which was caused by a rare genetic mutation. Coincidentally, my family has noticed that I do too. I think it’s cool. It makes my lashes appear fuller and ticker than usual.

Last but not least, always remember to have a good posture, not only for photoshoots but also in your day-to-day life. What you do daily will turn into a habit. By standing straight, with your shoulders back and head held high, you will show confidence to people, and naturally others will treat you more as a person with great self-esteem. Always smile and have good hygene! That’s important! Also, always remember, a great smile is everything! So always brush your teeth and tend to their overall appearance to give your best, most confident and warm smile. Remain positive, live, laugh, love.

Please enjoy the video I made of my top selected photos for this photoshoot:

By yours truly,

Mahta – Miss Teenage Newmarket 2018

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