I’m so excited and overwhelmed with positive emotions right now that I don’t even know how to begin this blog! I’ve arrived, I’m finally here and I’m having such an amazing time already that I just can’t wait to see what Day 3 would bring at the Miss Teenage Canada 2018 Nationals. That’s right! Two days have passed already, and in blink of an eye too! During the National camp the management team keep us delegates so busy that we are constantly gaining new experiences, learning new things and becoming more independent by every passing hour that we don’t even realize! Well I’m realizing now…

Before arrival, it was a week full of running, more running and some more running. By that I mean getting my last minute clothes and personal items to pack. I have been somehow bombarded with so many tasks that I would leave the house early in the morning, have meals in the car and come back home at around 10:00 PM. I had additional group kata trainings in Mississauga, preparing for next months first Provincial Team Selection Tournament of the season. Also, the kumite trainings didn’t get easier during the last week, on the contrary. It became more intense. And the rule is to attend as much as possible, with no excuses. Last day I came back home with a new opened blister, injured/swollen and bruised ankle, and massive headache. Ice-pack and some polysporin did help. I was hoping the little cut in front of my leg would go away just in time for me to wear my heels. It did, slowly but surely. Not completely though…

But then again, that is the difficult part of my life that I’m somewhat used to so I can adapt. Next day I began walking in heels again, to practice my pageant walk. This is a good opportunity to mention, Canadian Beauties – Pageant Division has been my coach for this pageant. Mrs. Lisa Harrigan Joseph has prepared me for my stage walk as well as for interview. Not to brag, but she seemed impressed. I did need a few adjustments, most especially with how long my answers turned out to be. But I have learned to manage my time wisely and not to explain too much, like how I’m doing now… I’m truly thankful for all her help and support leading up to the pageant.

So practicing, walking in heels, recording at my music school’s studio for an interview/violin performance session (more on that later), taking action photoshoot series (blog about that coming soon), practicing for my talent show at my dojo with my Senseis and so on eventually came to this…. Day 1 of the pageant.

Day 1

I arrived at Centennial College at 5:45 PM, got the card/key to my room, met my lovely roommates and waited some time before settling down because one delegate was mistakenly settled in my room. I was immediately relieved to meet these ladies, Jaydlyn, Jessica and jacqueline because they were very warm and welcoming. It was such a relief. Naturally, the anticipation which lead to meeting them was slightly nerve-wracking because I would be meeting with new friends, and I would have to share a dormitory with them. They are so much fun to be around.

Once completely settled, all the ladies, including myself had to go down for meet and greet. We socialized and ate cake! I love cake! I have such a sweet tooth. It was the current reigning Miss Teenage Canada, Emma Morrison who cut the first piece. She was so nice to talk to! Before this, I have only had the chance to speak with her on social media. I’ve been an avid fan of her journey to Miss Teenager International in Mexico. She is much taller than expected too! What a princess. She appeared very confident and humble too. In fact all the current delegates seemed that way. My God, I saw some true beauties and I’m so humbled to be walking among them.

After taking some pictures as a group, we then received a girly pink bag with Miss Teenage Canada logo at the front that contained lots of cosmetic goods! I was so excited to go up to my room and try them on. Among the beauty products I scanned, there were some MAC Makeup Products that stood out for me! I absolutely adore the two eye shadows, one pink, other gold, as well as the rosy pink lipstick by MAC. The lipstick was so smooth on the lips, I love it!

By the end of the day, I just snuggled into my temporary bed and listened to some meditation music on my iphone to help clear off my mind before the next day, which would include the delegate interviews with the judges. Then I slowly dozed off. It was sure an eventful day, but wait until I explain about Day 2! In one word, I would describe it as insane!

Day 2

I woke up at 6:00 AM and actually slept the night before at 2:00 AM as I was getting used to my new bed and environment. And perhaps because I was overthinking about the next day and all the possible scenarios of how it would all play out during the interview. Meeting and speaking to the judges was very important for me. I wished to be myself and leave the right impression as I was truly desperate to prove to them what I had within me, my potential, and to let them know that yes, I may be young and small but I have a big heart and a loud voice, so please see me, believe in me and maybe give me a chance to showcase my talents and potential to more people. I feel like all these years in my life have lead to that moment, to stand in front of the judges and in that brief 2 minutes let them know who I truly am and what I stand for!

Of course, my vision is much more grand than my size and age. I believe in the power of a girl’s voice. I think even if one of us decide to speak up against injustices and in favour of what’s right, the world would be a much better place to live in. Because we are powerful and inspiring, every one of us! This is what I love about pageants! It gives girls and women the chance to show their beauty with a purpose and for this to be their starting platform towards bigger goals and more opportunities to make better change. I feel like I found the group that I belong too. Here, everyone has a grand vision. We are all alike. Different, but more similar than not, and distinctly unique!

Pulling an all-nighter now while typing this, but by the end I will pat myself in the back and just close my eyes and go to sleep with a smile on my face. I think the rest of this journey would be less challenging and basically more fun. For me the preliminary, talent show and finals are less challenging. Psychologically, walking in heels and rocking beautiful gowns just seems less demanding and more of a confidence boost. But that’s just me, for others it may be the opposite.

Going back to Day 2, I woke up early to review my notes and reevaluate if I needed to practice anything, but I felt like I had some renewed sense of confidence anyway, and a boost of adrenaline due to the excitement of that day. So all worry just washed away! I got ready and headed down. Breakfast at The Local Cafe and Restaurant (sponsor of this national teenage pageant) was delicious! I brought it up to my room! Specifically I got myself an apple-cranberry juice, oatmeal, and a blueberry muffin. I enjoyed it very much!

We then went back down to have our makeup and hair done by the Modern Makeup makeup artists and hair stylists, official sponsors of Miss Teenage Canada 2018 pageant. The lady who put on my makeup was very friendly and nice. She would make sweet compliments which boosted my self-esteem a lot, which was needed for the photoshoot soon after. My hair actually took a full hour as it’s very thick! I predicted this, it’s an inside joke for my family. I was so much hair on my head that it’s not even funny. But all the jokes aside, I really appreciate Modern Makeup for the refreshing makeover they gave me which sat on my skin really lightly and nicely.

I then got ready for a Photoshoot session with the MTC photographers. I changed into my cocktail dress, heels and accessories once again and headed out of the door. The Photoshoot went very well and the Photographer seemed to be having an easy time with me as I have had some experience before being in front of the camera and posing for it. I’ve done many photoshoots in the past, some of which I have shared on my blogs too. So everything was very efficient and I really felt confident in clothes.

Immediately after was my videoshoot session in which I had to explain about myself for 1 minute. I did it in one take and with no problem. The person behind the camera complimented me on that mentioning I think that must be the first. He somehow seemed relieved because I was the last to record and fastest to dismiss. I secretly think the makeup had something to do with it. It just boosted my confidence by 10 points.

I then went to get my lunch which was from Clean Meals, another sponsor of this pageant. All their food at Clean Meals are healthy, nutritious and fresh! Very high quality indeed! I enjoyed it. Interesting fact is, Clean Meals supports a charitable initiative called #ProjectEndHunger which aims to feeding as many homeless and less fortunate locals as possible in the GTA and Toronto. In 2017 they provided an impressive number of 504 meals to the homeless/less fortunate locals with the help of donations from people and some companies. I really like what they’re doing and the fact that they even thought about doing it. This act should be more popular in other restaurants as well. Very inspiring and praise-worthy!

I had to eat my meal after the interview as I was running late, due to how long it took on my hair. So I changed into my interview clothes quickly, and once again headed back down. The interview went as great as I expected. My instinct tells me since I was myself and didn’t try to change anything, I showed my honesty through transparent responses. I mean, my answers came before I thought too much, so that tells me it came from my feeling and according to a quote I once read on the internet, when you have this impression of yourself, it means you did well. The worse I could do was to pretend to be someone I’m not. I was, all I am. With no changes. The judges assured me that I did very well and that I am more mature than my age. This means the world to me. I certainly hope they liked me. They were very nice and comforting. I felt at ease once they assured me.

After that, I finally came back to my room and feasted on my delicious and healthy meal. I then went on to watch some motivational videos from my laptop and after began on making posts about Miss Teenage Canada official sponsors, photos and writing this blog. In fact, I have come back to finishing it off after my alarm clock rang. Yes! I had to do this just to finish before the start of day 3. What doesn’t kill you make you stronger as they. I’m not exactly sure how this makes me stronger, I think I may just be too sleepy to make any sense at this point. But not! One last fact before I go back to sleep!

I need to officially acknowledge the beautiful gown provided to me by the Official Miss Teenage Canada Sponsors “Bells and Bows Bridal Centre,” based in Alberta. I will wear my beautiful gown during the final show and another which I also love during the preliminary. My dress is designed by Rachel Allen. I will not explain the details about this dress because I still wish for it to remain a surprise until the finals. I really appreciate the great quality service that Bells and Bows provides for all it’s customers, most especially Miss Teenage Canada pageant. They were also very helpful in helping me find my dream gown. It matched my personality perfectly!

Last but not least, I almost forgot to mention the little surprise all delegates had when they got up to open the door after hearing a knock. We were all provided with cozy and comfortable “Level Wear Sports” sweaters. They are another of the Miss Teenage Canada official sponsors which we truly appreciate. The dorms tend to get cold at night, so I will make sure to wear it from now on.

Now… onto day 3! Can’t wait for what it will bring. I’m looking forward to visiting Casa Loma with all the delegates. We will feel like true princess in that setting, with the majestic castle and all it’s splendid beauty. I’ve been there before, so excited to visit it again! Until next time…

By yours truly,

Mahta – Miss Teenage Newmarket 2018

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