I’m on my phone and making last minute adjustments to this blog. I still don’t know why it took so long for me to finish this one, maybe because I hardly had time to work on it. With only a couple of hours left until the new Miss Teenage Canada is announced, I wish to give you all glimpse into my latest photoshoot only a few days prior to start of National Camp for this pageant. Prior to the start of the camp especially the week leading up to it, I’ve been very busy handling all my pageant responsibilities with my trainings that are seeming to be getting harder as the Ontario Team Selection Tournaments for 2019 are drawing closer in September.

And as mentioned in my previous blog post, I have started to also train for a new category of elite competitions on top of my usual kumite and kata trainings. This one is actually group kata, which I will be competing in as a team with two of my great friends who happen to be provincial kata champions as well. Together, the three of us are very in sync, powerful and impressive.

Two nights before the first day of the camp, I came home with a new blister on my foot and a swollen ankle due to injury. Ice Pack did little to relieve the pain. There’s also a cut across my ankle which was slowly healing. Nevertheless, I have made sure to practice walking in heels. I have also been working on perfecting my talent show performance. It sure was demanding but the content of it was left a surprise for the talent show night, which was yesterday.

It’s been an entire week of wrapping up my fundraiser efforts for WE Charity, going for a video-shoot at my Music School’s Studiowhich I’m very excited to share soon by the way in another blog by the way and also practicing for my interview (with and without my pageant coach) and all things pageant related. Not to mention the last minute shopping list that had to be taken care off! My family has been very supportive in that sense so for that I’m very thankful.

This photoshoot series was once again sponsored by my personal sponsor Nazbanoo Photo Studio. The photographer is always very gracious, professional and patient. Considering the fact that in this situation the photography skills demanded to be very different due to action motion, I’m thankful that it all went well and the results are amazing. I’ve chosen to wear my kata gi with the crest of Canada on it, the one I wear internationally in karate events. Also, I chose to proudly hold the Canadian flag, which looks spectacular with the lighting of the photos. I love this photoshoot so much as it was fun, interactive and intense!

Please enjoy the Photos I have selected to make into a video below and I always welcome feedback:

As a bonus, I invite all my readers to also watch the video of my journey as a karate athlete, all the way to this moment. It took almost 10 years, but I can say, it was a very rewarding period. This video is as brief as it gets. I have prepared since a month ago, but it turned out to be more than 10 minutes so I cut it down to 3:40 min. Please enjoy!

By yours truly,

Mahta – Miss Teenage Newmarket 2018

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