This is another one of those quick blogs I really wished to post earlier but never had time to complete. I will now share it with my loyal readers, with just a few hours until the Miss Teenage Canada final show. All editing done, photos inserted and ready to publish. Also, my hair is now done, my makeup is set and I’m ready to go. So now you may wonder why is was so important for me to make this blog. Sure, I am athlete, and my life is mostly dedicated to Karate trainings and competitions but I have a different side to my personality as well. One that not many get to see, aside from family and friends and once in a while on stage performances for holiday concerts.

I was around 11 years old here!

Since I was 10 years old, I have played the violin. My music school, Arcadia Academy of music has been incredibly supportive in my musical journey. They have first taught me the basics, then sculpted me to the musician I am today. I am incredible lucky to have such as amazing violin teacher, Miss Dana Bultje, who’s just pure musical talent. I dare say genius! She began violin since she was very young and she comes from a musical family. That, I can relate to! I come from a musical family as well!


Please enjoy watching my younger self playing the violin. These selected videos are from years ago when I was still amateur:

That is my mom playing the Setar!

My mom plays the Persian musical instrument Setar, my dad loves to sing whenever he gets the chance and my sister is an incredibly gifted and talented piano composer. She is a pianist, but aside from that, since she was my age, she would compose the most beautiful melodies on the piano that when she performs, others usually ask for the composer! I love her so much! She composes by improvising most of the time and sometimes posts videos of her compositions on her social media. I wish to be just like her! She inspires me.

My sister Ava, playing one of her original songs on the piano at a wedding!

Sometimes we do a duet together and my sister plays on certain musical scale on the piano. Then she cues for me to join in and I play along on the same scale but on the violin! We make music like that together and I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say we actually sound pretty good! Sister-time is the best time! Music really makes us calm. And as an elite karate competitor, it really balances my emotions and mind because I sometimes need peace in order to recharge my energy, otherwise it just gets too tough and demanding!

With my talented Violin teacher, Miss Dana Bultje

I was incredibly surprised and happy to hear that my Music School, Arcadia Academy of Music actually wanted to do me a favour and record me playing in their music studio right before I left off for National camp Of Miss Teenage Canada 2018. I welcomed it with all my heart! Mr. Darryl Hillock, the franchise operator who is also a very advanced/professional musician made this video for that they actually shared the link with my during my stay at the camp. Thank you Arcadia for doing this! It honestly means so much to me!

Please enjoy the video they made of me below. I play Perfect, by Ed Sheeran:

By yours truly

Mahta – Miss Teenage Newmarket 2018

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