With my great friend, beautiful Katelynne Lawrence, Miss Teenage Canada 2018.

Hello my lovely readers. It’s been a while since my last blog post, but since then a lot has happened and I feel ready now to look back and reflect on everything. I have been very fortunate in these past series of months and sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl on Earth! I have good reason for that. Because, simply, the things that I get to experience are not too common and almost all my dreams are now beginning to manifest. So I’m here to tell you all, when there is a will, there is a way and you can do anything you set your mind to, but you must have to have faith in the possibility of your dreams coming true. Believe it, work hard for it, then sit back and watch the universe do its magic!

Being interviewed after the pageant with media. More of that to be posted about soon!

That’s it everyone! My journey in this incredible pageant has lead to becoming 1st Runner-up Miss Teenage Canada 2018 and surprisingly, being awarded with Miss Teen Social Media 2018 sash also! To say that I expected it would be an overstatement. Of course, a part of me always wanted to believe that I could win, I guess everyone else who shared this journey with me did also. But in reality, no matter how much you try or believe, you always have doubt in the back of your mind because it’s simply not easy! Everyone who was there, all delegates really deserved to be on that stage and each tried very hard to earn the crown! But in the end, there would be eventually one single winner. And I know, I know! I may not have won, but I’m no less happy than if I were to win. Because I stood up there with these incredible girls who I now call sisters and I was able to raise myself to that level. I will never take this opportunity or reward for granted! Never!

Before going into how I felt as the 1st Runner-up and how it all unraveled or as I like to call it, “The Big Moment,” I wish to mention how incredibly proud I am of the girl who rightfully won the title as your new “Miss Teenage Canada 2018,” Katelynne Lawrence! I have been lucky enough to share a close bond and friendship with her over the past few months which I would love to share the details with you all in my next blog posts. So stay tuned and read more about it because I have so much to share and talk about that I don’t even know how to start!

My walk on stage at the Miss Teenage Canada preliminary show 2018.

Let me go back to the preliminary night! I felt like a princess in my blue glamorous, high-low dress that was a two piece. I was complimented by being called “Cinderella” in my sparkly blue dress that flew to the ground and my high heel glittery silver heels. That’s how I knew I got the look right. It’s meant to be that way. I put my hair up while everyone else had theirs down. That’s because I’m too used to it in my day-to-day life and in competitions for karate. It also gives me confidence and makes me look sharp. My hair stylists and makeup artists all did a wonderful job at making me look pretty. So it was a group effort and I really appreciate their time and attention to details. As for my walk, I felt incredibly good about how it all went. the pace of my walk, how it began and ended all coincidentally matched the song as I walked on stage. Every turn and step matched the beat. It was perfect and reflecting on it now, I feel like there was no other better way of delivering it.

The talent show which was on the next day was also incredible! The atmosphere was static and full of energy! There was so much talent to watch and be amazed from that just made everyone so excited backstage! Everyone was cheering on each other! I witnessed some of the best dancers, singers, musicians, and etc. When it got to my turn, I was slightly nerve-wracked in the beginning but that didn’t stop me from delivering my performance. I had put together a kata performance as well as a martial arts/self-defense show with the help of my incredible Sensei/Coach Nassim Varasteh as well as my personal trainer and one of Canada’s best senior athletes in karate Sensei Nikbakhsh. He has took his valuable time to practice with me prior to the National Pageant as well as appear on stage as a guest performer for my talent portion of the show. I am forever grateful for his presence and support, then and always. And as for the background music of my talent performance, what more suitable song that the Wonder Woman theme song! It was amazing! I felt very empowered to be able to do this in such a different atmosphere than what I’m already used to which was really in contrast with everything else everyone was doing. Also, my act also tied into my platform, Women Empowerment through learning self-defense. So it was appropriate.

Then there came the last day, final day of the Nationals. The day that everyone has been waiting for! I can’t deny the fact that I had the butterflies in my stomach… I felt the pressure to do everything according to plan and to avoid making mistakes as much as possible. It was after all the final chance to prove to the judges that looking past my size and image I am worthy of standing up there among the best! I knew I could do it, but at the same time there was a lot of focus and preparation that would go into every step of the final show. Everything from my walk, my answer on stage, my delivery of dance performances had to be done right. And I can now gladly say that it went well, more than well in fact. In particular, my question and answers portion stayed with most people and left a lasting impact on the judges as well as the audience as I was complimented on it for a long while after.

Being interviewed on stage by Alice Li, Miss Intercontinental Canada 2018!

The old saying is that what comes from the heart really feels genuine. I even caught myself off-guard by my response to “What do you want the world to know about you?” I had prepared to be asked much harder and more sophisticated questions that involved difficult topics, but perhaps the hardest questions are actually easiest. More cliche questions. Things that we often think about but can’t really give a clear response to because there’s just so my thinking and depth that goes into it. It is the more philosophical questions that make us think and seek answers. Of course, any answer could have even the right answer. But, really? In my situation, it was as precise as it could get.

I simply responded by saying:

“I want the world to know about me… that no person is too small and no dream is too big. I’m determined to do whatever it takes in order to reach my goal, no matter how hard or bumpy the road may seem. I know I might be young and small, but I know I can get there for I have a huge heart and a loud voice. And I want to inspire other young teens to become the best version of themselves no matter what happens! For we are all amazing and incredible in our own ways. Thank you!” – Mahta

Making it into top 20 among the last people who’s name was called already felt incredible, making it into top 10 felt like a dream come true and when it came to announcing the top 5, I could not believe when my name was called last and I was actually selected to stand there among the best competitors! They all put up a great challenge for me personally! I could hear my family screaming in the audience! I didn’t know if I should have laughed or cried or a mix of both. Because hearing the hysteric screams of my sister was both emotional and funny at the same time. I love her so much! She’s always my biggest supporter and fan! Later they told me all about their experience from their point of view. It was even funnier than I thought. I bet everyone else watching them was laughing too when they jumped up and down and yelled like little kids. Gotta love supportive families like mine, eh?

My recent red carpet experience at Toronto International Film Festival along with Miss Teenage Canada 2018. Please check back for future posts to read more about it!

Before announcing the runner-ups and the winner, sashes were rewarded to girls who have showcased their best performances in different categories such as est in swimwear, best in runaway skills, highest fundraiser, best talent and etc. I was not expecting this but I won in the best Social Media Category! Appropriate right?? I hope my readers loved my blogs and posts on social media so far because I’ve put in a lot of care and effort into them! This also raised my sense of responsibility towards making sure my future blogs also keep up with the expectations and standard everyone is hoping to see. I’m very grateful for this award!

Then there came the moment we’ve all been waiting for, when they were finally going to announce the winner! Names after names were announced for the runner-ups and my name was among the last two to be called! Which only meant one thing: I had a great chance of winning. When they announced my name as first runner-up my immediate thought was still relief! I wasn’t sad or disappointment. It was more of a feeling of relief and thinking, “Wow I made it this far! I’m so blessed!” Also, I along with everyone else shared in the joy and evident happiness on Kate’s face when she realized she had won. It was so honest and sweet that I just love her so much more for being so humble! She had put a lot of effort into getting where she was at. And I can honestly say, she inspires me in so many ways. One is confidence. She exudes confidence and beauty! The other is dedication, she goes after what she sets her mind to without second thoughts. Last but not lease, humbleness! She’s so kind and humble! I will forever cherish the memory and photos of her and I when we were holding hands and waiting for the big announcement! It’s not something everyone gets to experience every day! It’s truly special!

My surprise after party by family and friends. Check back for future blogs to read more about it!

Overall, I’m very thankful for the experience and very humbled to know that there were people who really saw potential in me and believed in me. Going into pageant, I made a strong decision. That I was either going to be thought out of it because I wasn’t necessary the biggest, tallest or oldest… OR, to prove to everyone that age is just a number and height is also. I knew there was more to me which I had to offer and I could be able to represent Miss Teenage Canada well with my crown, before or after pageant. I had made the right decision. Change in perception and thinking has to start from somewhere and I wasn’t going to let old misconceptions hold me back. As I said so before, no person is too small and no dream is ever too big! I hope that this will inspire other teens and especially girls to go after their dreams and to push themselves forward. If you never try, you will never know!

Please check back soon for more blog posts to see what I’ve been up to since the MTC pageant! There is just so much to share! Get ready for big surprises everyone!

By yours truly,


Miss Teenage Newmarket 2018

Miss Teenage Canada 1st Runner-up 2018

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