Living an athletic life is not easy. There are many compromises and sacrifices to be made and it takes a great portion of any elite athlete’s time if they decide to train professionally. But in my day to day life, I have learned to manage all the hard aspects with a little bit of fun which involves working out on my own, preparing and eating healthy meals/drinks, as well as going out in nature to recharge my energy.

In my previous personal blog post I introduced Karate and outlined some facts about my professional trainings. In this blog however, which is also a vlog, I will be sketching a picture of how my personal lifestyle looks like. I wish to inspire other youth, most especially girls to take notes and do the same. It works for me, so why not you? By making these few small changes in your day to day eating habits, you will quickly start seeing and feeling the benefits of healthy eating and a diet full of fruits and vegetables. I am not a vegetarian, with respect to those who are, but I try to incorporate a healthy balance of meats and greens.

Day 1 Mahta’s Daily Routine

In the video I’m sharing below, you can see that on Day 1 of my daily routine I have decided to show you my favourite smoothie blend, which I usually make in the mornings, pre-workout and consists of the following.

Smoothy Ingredients:

  • Kale
  • Chia Seeds
  • Strawberries
  • Honey
  • Banana
  • Dates
  • Blueberries
  • Almond Milk
  • Pineapples (Optional)
  • Your Protein Powder of choice (Optional)

Go ahead and mix all the ingredients into a blender in the order outlined in here! I came up with this blend due to the nutritional values of each ingredient used, but any change is entirely up to you, there’s no particular guidebook and I generally don’t wish to follow rules for these things. It completely depends on you preferences, personal taste and food reactions. But you should know, all sorts of berries, especially blueberries as well as kale are loaded with anti-oxidants that have detoxifying effects in the body not to mention great for the skin too!

I should also note, I encourage everyone to use honey in place of sugar (brown sugar is okay too). That is because natural/raw honey is nature’s gift to us. It has antibiotic properties that helps the immune system fight off infections. And chia seeds? Don’t get me started on these. Three words: Anti-Oxidants, Omega-3 Fatty Acids (great for brain function) and Protein (building blocks of muscles). You can’t have too much of any of these contents in your body. No wonder it’s a super-food!

Make sure to pour in almond milk first, and honey last. A cup of milk but preferably almond milk would do. Two teaspoons of honey would give you the perfect mixture. Make sure you moisten chia seeds 5 min in water before pouring 1.5 teaspoons in the blend. You can also add your protein powder of choice to this smoothie, but I decided not to. I usually choose between chia seeds and protein mixture to avoid an overly heavy blend. Once blended and done, go ahead and enjoy the drink! You are now energized and ready to start your workout routine as I’ve done below (watch here).

Are you a fan of Greek Yogurt with Fruit? Well I am! That’s why I decided to share my favourite recipe that you also make on the go or for breakfast as bonus. Some days I decide to have oatmeal, other days, this yogurt blend that you can watch here! I call it, “Mahta’s Yogurt Berry Blend” and it’s super nutritious, tasty, as well as easy to make!

As the name suggest, it’s a mixture of Greek yogurt, blueberries, strawberries and pineapple slices (optional). You can decorate the final mixture in the bowl with oats, more blueberries and strawberry slices. I’m getting hungry just writing about it. Go ahead, give it a try and you can come back and leave a comment if you wish. Always welcome feedback.

Last but surely not least, I am including some of my daily at-home pre-workout, workout and cool down sessions. Before any workout, it’s very important to stretch and warm up your body to get  blood flowing into your muscles, otherwise you will only increase the chance of cramps and a failed workout. It’s definitely not recommended. As for me, since I use my legs a lot in karate, I mainly focus on improving the flexibility in my legs to better be able to kick as high as I can manage. Watch here!

I then go onto focusing on my arms using dumbbells. I also use ankle weights. Working out you core muscles and the abs are also important as a kata athlete. It helps with maintaining balance and stability. Then it’s time to put on my gloves and footwear to practice some kicks and punches on the bob dummy. He hasn’t seen a single day without getting beaten, but for a good purpose of course! Lastly, always make sure to cool down!

Day 2 – Mahta’s Daily Routine

Now onto Day 2 of my daily routine. In this section, I am sharing with you a different breakfast preparation which I’m sure is more common but just as nutritious as the previous one. Watch it here!


  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Green Peppers
  • Goat/Cottage Cheese
  • Sliced Tomatoes
  • Plate of Fruits (per choice)
  • Sliced Cucumbers
  • Whole Wheat bread Toast
  • Lettuce Stem

Slice and set all the ingredients onto a place and enjoy your healthy and protein-rich breakfast. I usually pour a bit of olive oil (healthy unsaturated fats) and sprinkle some Himalayan salt on my tomato slices. It’s an absolutely delicious combination and very beneficial for your health. Himalayan salt in particular has many health benefits such as balancing blood sugar, pH levels and mineral status level. Also it helps keep the body hydrated and getting rid of toxins. These are just a few benefits, the list goes on!

Today’s workout sessions is much more fun and enjoyable. I decided to ride my bike around the neighborhood in the near-by park as well as forest close to my home. The weather was spectacular, 23°C with a perfect, slight breeze. Watch it here! Going out into nature is very important as this helps to increase your overall vibration and gather all the good energies given off by the trees, flowers, wind, sunlight and mother Earth. My family loves to walk to the forest routinely and we love to picnic in park often. I also enjoy playing soccer and badminton with my sister too.

During the day, we usually drink tea together as a family. It’s our family tradition and we never miss a day going without tea. But over the years, we’ve learned that all tea are not equally beneficial for health and some provide long-term health benefits more than other, such as green tea, ginger tea, and turmeric tea latte.

For today’s blog post, I decided to make my favourite, ginger lemon tea. The recipe is simple but powerful. Watch it here! Slice ginger and lemon, pour boiling water over them in a tea pot and add 2 teaspoons of honey. I also added a green tea tea-bag which you can do also. It’s up to you. All these ingredients are super-beneficial. Green tea has powerful anti-oxidant and anti-cancer agents. Ginger contains gingerol which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is also great for soothing the stomach and solving gastronomic issues. This drink works as a remedy for flu and colds. It specially helps soothe the throat if you’re having cough or sinus issues.

Finally, we come down to a fun bonus drink I added to the video. It may not be as nutritious as other recipes I shared but very delicious indeed: the typical hot chocolate latte with cinnamon. I love the warm-comforting effect of cocoa on my taste buds. It always makes me happy. Simple but effective. Watch it here. I always drink my hot chocolate in a special cup which has the words “Always wear a crown” on the front. Suitable, eh? I have a matching small plate which says “Queen of Everything” on it. As you can see in this video.


And the book that I’m currently reading in case you’re wondering from watching the video? “The Alchemist.” This book should be on everyone’s reading list. Highly recommend it. Very motivational and life-changing indeed.

As an added BONUS, I’m going to give you guys the ultimate recipe to a not so “secret” drink, but one that not many people know about. It originates from India and it has many medical benefits, not to mention very tasty to say the least.

Turmeric Tea Latte / Golden Milk Recipe:

Pour 1 cup unsweetened almond milk/coconut milk into a saucepan, add 1/4 tsp ground turmeric, 1/4 tsp ground ginger (or 1 tsp fresh grated ginger), 1 tablespoon honey, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract, 1/8 tsp ground cinnamon, pinch of black pepper and ground nutmeg (optional) to the mixture. Bring it to steaming, just below simmer. Stick with a whisk until blended well. Pour into a cup, let it cool a bit, serve and enjoy!

Now enjoy the video below and make sure to write down any ideas you liked. You can always do the same and also add your own unique recipes to the list.

By yours truly,

Mahta – Miss Teen Newmarket 2018

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Have you ever wondered if the notion of life after death or heaven also applies to animals? Well I have, many times. It’s just a thought. Well, what if I were to tell you that heaven on Earth does in fact exist, and in this particular case, for such sweet animals as dogs, horses, pigs, and cows.

Meeting 10 year old Sheyla. She was beautiful!

Most of these animals that are brought in to this place called “Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary” are to be taken care of and eventually adopted. “Dog Tales” which is a nice pun on the word, is especially kind to dogs, and not just local ones, but many that are brought in from all over the world! It’s really a safe haven for animals, particularly dogs that have been abandoned, abused or given up on. In other words, harder cases that people usually tend to give up on.

Well, there’s no giving up in the dictionary used by Dog Tales! Far from it. The place is so beautiful that such scenery is even rarely seen in parks and tourist attractions! People often come to visit, as permitted every Sundays. And so did I! I also contributed by making a donation which I paid from my own savings. This came from the bottom of my heart, I encourage others to do the same as Dog Tales is a non-profit organization and most of their rescue efforts and costs are afforded by donations. So any help means the world to them. Watch an introductory video about them here!

“Dog Tales is a world-renowned dog rescue and horse sanctuary set on an incredible 50 acres of green fields, rolling hills, and wooded areas in King City, Ontario. The location is complete with kilometers of walking trails, therapy pools, and a grooming spa – the perfect setting for abused and neglected animals to heal and be rehabilitated while they wait for forever homes. Along with medical care, our team provides all of the love, attention and training that our rescues need to recover from their difficult pasts, so that they can move on to permanent, loving homes, which most do. For the rest, Dog Tales is home for as long as they need it to be.” – Dog Tales

And by this point you may be wondering why giving awareness to this cause? It’s clear in my mind. It’s always been! I love animals and I most especially adore dogs! All breeds, all shapes, all colours and all sizes. I don’t have  one of my own as a pet, but who know maybe someday I will adopt one, and just maybe, from here!

Paying my respect to the beloved Jerome the dog. May he rest in eternal peace.

Sweetest puppy giving me his paw, I gave him the attention he demanded.

Dog Tales was founded in 2014 by and wife, Rob and Danielle who both were avid animal lovers. The had been involved in rescue effort for years before opening a rescue place of their own. Their Kennel is absolutely luxurious and spacious. Just looking out in the horizon at the extensive horse farm, it’s so picturesque that I had the feeling I actually stepped into a painting!

Meeting Coal, a gentle Stallion as dark as his name!

The barn, flower-beds, outdoor water fountain and bridge that went over a stream was breath-takingly beautiful! I had the chance to meet “Coal” a gorgeous stallion that was as dark as his name. His mane matched my hair so we decided to take pictures! He was so gentle!

I got to walk around and pat “Sheyla”, a rescued dog that was ill due to bladder issues. But she was so sweet and well-behaved. I enjoyed interacting with her a lot! I also got to meet many other dogs that were in their own uniquely decorated rooms. The amount of love and attention given to them dogs were fantastic! They were treated like loyalty.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary actually has a TV show dedicated to the adventures in this shelter on Gusto TV Channel on Thursdays at 8-9 PM. I’m excited to watch this week’s episode. I suggest that you also tune in and enjoy the show! I’m sure it’s as eventful as it was when I visited in person.

Please enjoy the video of my fun-filled and interactive day at Dog-Tales below and if you have any question or feedback, feel free to leave a comment and I would be happy to respond.

By yours truly,

Mahta – Miss Teen Newmarket 2018

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Hi my lovely readers, welcome back to another blog by yours truly. But bear with me please because this one is going to me very different, informative, fun and video-packed!

As you all may know by now, I am an elite athlete of martial arts, meaning that I dedicate a great portion of my life to practicing karate and competing in tournaments. Getting to where I am today was certainly not easy, but today I’m not going to talk about the hard aspects of it but rather in today’s blog the topic of discussion is all about introducing this sport to those who are unfamiliar with it.

Usually, when the name of karate comes up, people often think of the movie “Karate Kid,” and although some portions of the movie and it’s teachings does apply to karate as well, but really the characters practice Kong Fu which is a Chinese practice of martial arts and fighting styles that actually predates Karate. Karate itself was founded by the Ryukyu Kingdom later conquered by Japan. So now it is considered a Japanese sport. No wonder why Tokyo 2020 Olympics is the first to vote in favour of permitting Karate as an official Olympic sport! I think my generation is very lucky indeed and although I’m still young, but I have a dream to make it to the Olympic team 2024 or 2028.

Now back to explaining what Karate is all about. The sport is commonly divided into Kumite (sparring) and Kata (individual and group performances). Another way of thinking about kata is more like a dance of martial arts. It incorporates speed, correct timing, correct postures, right stances and breathing into the performance. The are many different katas, but for World Karate Federation approved competitions, there are certain ones that are allowed, and other that are not. Katas come from different styles of karate. The main ones are generally Shotokan, Shito-ryu, Goju-Ryu and Wado-ryu.

But before we get too in-depth about karate and it’s many styles, I’ll keep it simple for you all to avoid further confusion. And yes, it is complicated. But just know this, those who practice this sport for many years, earn their way up to achieving a black belt by changing belt colours throughout the years. It is not earned easily and the higher your rank, generally the darker the belt. As for competition belts, one would wear either blue or red, depending on which the opponent is wearing (red vs. blue). Instructors are also ranked according to experience, expertise and years of practice. There is a hierarchy involved in this system. 

But do you all know what is great? Everyone is expected to respect each other! This is what I love about karate. It doesn’t teach to go out and beat people up! No! That is absolutely the wrong impression. It rather focuses on teaching respect and a way to defend oneself. The word karate itself means “Empty Hand.” It is indeed just that, no weapons used. It was old styles of fighting but much less full contact is involved than Kong Fu for instance.

Benefits of Karate:

  • Increased Mental Focus and Concentration
  • Improved Stamina
  • Improved Balance – Connection to Core via Trainings
  • Improved Posture
  • Improved Self Esteem
  • Develop and Practicing Self Respect and Respect for Others
  • Improved Physical Strength
  • Learning Self-Defense
  • Following Discipline and Rituals
  • Improved Breathing and Learning to Meditate

As for me, I practice both kata and kumite as an athlete which is not often common for elite athletes as they choose either/or. Competing in both disciplines feels like an entirely different sport at some points, although a lot of the techniques are the same. Very professional world class kata or kumite athletes usually develop very different muscle masses and body forms. It does affect the physique of a person and let me tell you it’s a lot harder than it looks. The number of injuries, popped bones, and pain involved is a lot more than anyone can guess. But that’s the nature of it. If I wanted to be a ballerina, I would. I’m not, and getting punched in the face and punching others too to be fair is nature of the sport. I’m used to it by now.

Here, I’m sharing with you all some of my personal practice videos as well as moments I have fought on the mat. I do have a lot of videos to share but these ones in particular are a few of my selected choices. As a Junior National Team member of Karate Canada 2017-18 I ranked fifth internationally in my age division for Kata (among 43 competitors) in Youth World Cup 2017 and second in kumite (among 35 competitors) for the same event.

The following video post was made about my Journey to Karate Canada Nationals this year and the Ontario Team Trainings. Enjoy!

Aside from practicing at my home dojo Kan Zen Kai, I do have a personal trainer Mohammadreza Nikbakhsh (as seen in the above videos) who gets me physically fit and ready for important competitions. He is a multi-time Provincial as well a National Champion in Karate. It is no surprise as he is also a member of Team Kanzenkai.

We are lucky enough to be trained in the “House of Champions” club. It is the nickname given to our dojo as over the years it has produced many National/International and Pan Am champions/medalists. And let me tell you, our trainings are by no standard considered to be “normal!” Our instructors literally push us to the limit, everyone of us regardless of age, so that once we compete in tournaments, everything just seems easy in comparison. Everyone comes out of the dojo exhausted, sweaty and in pain. If you don’t, it means you haven’t trained, as simple as that. So gaining abs here really isn’t a big surprise as most of the older guys and girls do. This is my life 3-4 times a week. And imagine I train for kata on other days. I can’t remember the last time I haven’t been walking around with blisters on my feet. So girls, next time you see me walking in heels, know this. I’m in pain. Kidding, not!

Sensei Nassim Varasteh – Head Coach of Karate Canada

Our coach/instructor or in the language of karate “Sensei” is Sensei Nassim Varasteh who also happens to be the Senior National Coach of all of Team Canada, 2x Vice World Champion, 5x Pan Am Champion as well an Youth Olympic role model for 2018 (Buenos Aires, Argentina) appointed by the International Olympic Committee. I know I’m lucky, as team member athletes from all over Canada train under her watch and sometimes fly all the way to Toronto to be trained by her. She is my idol. It was an honor for me when she came to watch and support me in the Miss Teen Ontario 2018 pageant. She always has my back in everything I pursue. Read news about her, here!

The following video is of me while I’m in action during kumite matches:

I am also thankful of my personal trainer for kata, Monika Klisara from SKIF dojo who helped me with improving my technique, speed, power and stances last year. She is a Senior National Team member of Karate Canada, one of the best adult kata athletes in Canada and a Multi-time Provincial/National Champion. Watch some of my kata trainings from last year below:

The following is some of my moments as I was in action during the Kata Competition of Croatia 2017:

In the end, I wish to say that everyone should really consider learning martial arts, most especially karate as it has many benefits for both the mind as well as body. It does make one an all around better person and you don’t necessarily need to compete in this sport as most people choose not to. It is entirely optional. However, being as competitive as I am, I can’t resist continuing along this path. But now that you all become familiarized with this sport, so why not join and I will be happy to assist any first timers.

By yours truly,

Mahta – Miss Teen Newmarket 2018

Up Next… My Daily Routine. Check back soon!

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I love the camera in an unselfish way and I enjoy dressing up very much. In the athletic side of my life, I never got the chance to act and dress the way I do now, but aside from that, I’ve always been really enthusiastic about looking my best in important occasions and family gatherings.

I’m also very much fan of fashion and incorporating the latest clothing trends and colours into my outfits. I think I have a good eye for that and a taste of how to mix and match the right attire. Being fashionable is really an important aspect of my personality. I believe while it is indeed true that you cannot judge a book by it’s cover and it’s not right to be shallow, people will still judge you based on how you carry yourself around and what you wear.

That doesn’t necessarily mean having to follow the latest trends and wearing expensive clothing, no. It really is about looking fresh, modest, chic and having the right posture. I absolutely believe in the power that we all have in leaving the right impression on people just based on how we carry ourselves.

My second photoshoot series consists of this classy yet modern, young and somewhat casual outfit: white off-shoulder top, pink skinny jeans, fluffy baby pink shoes and a matching pink floral one-shoulder strap small handbag.



As my first sponsor for this pageant, Nazbanoo Photo Studio did an amazing job again in capturing the amazing pictures of me. All the images are unphotoshopped, untouched, unfiltered. The power of correcting lighting and the right camera lenses speaks for itself.

Enjoy the video collection of selected images below and feel free to send me some feedback.

I’m now really considering taking on some modelling opportunities that may come in my way as a hobby. It brings out the fashionable and feminine side of my personality, so why not?

Until next time,

Mahta – Miss Teen Newmarket 2018

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Captured Silver in U14 Female -42kg kumite

Junior National Team Karate Coaches. Left-right: Sensei Beaudoin, Sensei Bratic, Sensei Strohbach and Sensei Sorin.

Last year, this time, this day… Team Canada left their heart and souls on the mats of Youth World Cup in Croatia. Last year, this time, this day… I brought honor to my Nation. Last year, this time, this day… I took the maple leaf to the world podium. Last year… the National Anthem rang all across the stadium. To many, it was a foreign language… To us Canadians, O’Canada meant so much more… Our beautiful landscape, diverse cultural mosaic, freedom and democracy, traditions and modernity, Natives and Tim Horton’s, or over-friendly expressions… You name it! This is what makes us, uniquely us!

Olympian Haya Jumaa’s response to my Instagram post about her! She’s one of World’s best karatekas!

That was when I decided, I’m loving this feeling of pride so much that all I want to do from now on is to represent my country of birth, Canada. I want to have the maple leaf on my chest, as long as I can and to as far as possible in distant lands. I wish to take it to the Olympic stage and beat all odds to get there. I wish to be a good representation of what it means to be Canadian. We are a colorful country from diverse backgrounds, and although once our parents or grandparents had been immigrants, we are now one nation under the maple leaf.

Little did I know last year, that a year from then I would not be displaying a medal around my neck, but this time a crown on my head. I cannot express my gratitude. This is an honor that I never, ever take for granted. I know many girls wish to have this chance. I’m here to tell them that anything is possible and no dream is ever too big to strive for. This is the land of opportunities, for everyone, all shades, religions, ethnicities and identities.

This Canada Day, I took the opportunity to join in the festive celebrations that took place in my hometown, Newmarket. My community did not allow the inclement weather dampen their joyous mood. They came out to celebrate regardless of the extreme heat weather alert. And let me tell you, it was scorching HOT! With no exaggeration 35°C feeling like 47°C …

Watch below!

Thank you York Regional Police for all your efforts in keeping us safe!

The celebrations were held in Main Street as well as Riverwalk Commons (11:00 AM – 4:00 PM) and it was sponsored by Tim Horton’s Canada Day 2018 Kanata Festival. The entire event consisted of the following: Tim Horton’s Family Zone, Inflatables, Rock wall, Splash in the Tim Horton’s Water Feature, Food vendors, Free rides on the Tim Horton’s Express Train, Photo booth, Beer garden for adults and BBQ, Live music at the Main Stage, Action-packed motocross show, Re-enactment of Newmarket’s military history, Rookie baseball game show, Vendors, food and more!

Thank you Central York Fire Services for everything you do for us!

I took this chance to make an appearance as a community public figure, to promote my title as well as spread awareness about my platform by conversations and through handing out flyers with my picture, title, signature and a statement about my platform.

My “Basket of Goods” and all its contents!

Not only that, but I also left an impression and tried to spread joy in my own way by handing out lots of prizes to kids out of my “Basket of Goods.” I had a special basket decorated just for this occasion and it was overfilling with gifts Canada Day stickers, kids tattoos, pencils/erasers, pins, magnets, all sorts of stuff! I also carried around with me a Canada Day hat and head bow in case either girls or boys wanted a photo with me, so I allowed all to wear them. It was very fun! I enjoyed it very much! The smiles on the children’s faces and some adults too to be fair made up for all the heat exhaustion. But I tried to keep hydrated throughout the entire event by drinking lots of water!  🇨🇦

A walk down the Main Street with all the shop owners and workers standing by their tents and desks was quite fun too! Many wanted to take pictures with me when they noticed my sash and crown. I was not expecting this level of enthusiasm, but I was ready to step out of my comfort zone and speak while I had the chance. It was a great learning experience at the same time.

Lastly, the day ended with Fireworks Celebration of course! My family and I drove to George Richardson Park where there was live music by bands performing on stage. Families were camping out under a starry, clear night sky. The weather had cooled down by that time. Fireworks began at precisely 10:15 PM. It was a sight to behold.

I guess what I would take away the most from this experience is learning to freely express my personality and to not let fear of socializing with other people, strangers or friends, kid or adults alike. Until next year, Happy Canada Day, eh!

By yours truly,

Mahta – Miss Teen Newmarket 2018

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Entrance to my room!

It’s an old saying that you can judge and learn a whole lot about a person if you see their room. Your room is a reflection of who you are, or at least it should be. It really is important to make sure it’s tidy, clean and comfortable.

Step in and welcome!

I love the idea of feng shui and I really try to incorporate it in the way I have designed and set up my room. One thing is for sure, always allow light and fresh air to come into the room and circulate. It not only makes you feel refreshed but also transforms you into a better person.

As I’m working on my blog! 🙂


This is no myth! Good energies always find their way into clean and open spaces. Clutter and piles of clothes does the opposite. I also always make sure the colours in decorations are always in harmony with each other. My colour is mainly royal purple, some sunshine yellow and a bit of cheerful pink. I believe it’s best to avoid darker shades and blue tones as it can bring down the mood to some extent.

My room smells like roses, due to the dried rose petals on my desk which mainly serve as a decoration and also because of the air fresher I often use. I always make sure to have inspirational quotes on walls and on closet door. This helps to remind me of my goals if I ever feel discouraged or if I’m getting off track.


I always believe that it’s very important to remain humble, but at the same time just as important to keep your vision in front of you. My medals and trophies collected from countless competitions that I have competed in over the years serve as an anchor to my goals. They are the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning and the last before I go to bed at night, because they happen to sit on the wall right across my bed.

My glass display!

I have a glass display in which I chose to put all my souvenirs and the symbolic objects that I’ve brought back from the many trips that I went to, most being from my karate travels, whether if they are from Umag Croatia, Buenos Aires Argentina, Quebec city, New Brunswick, Halifax, Montreal, and etc. On the top and bottom shelf I keep some of my Team Ontario apparels, Canada’s National’s hoodies (with my name on the back) and my home dojo, Kan zen kai’s shirt with emblem.

Over to my other display cabinet I have arranged all the items that belong to Operation Smile fundraisers. This includes fliers, posters, water bottles, shirts, pens, notebooks, cards and label pins. Also, I have my own money collector box for Paradise charity, which I made and decorated by myself and use for donations and during fundraisers. I also had one made for Operation Smile which I already gave to them to keep. I like to bedazzle these boxes, just as I do with everything else. I mean, why not?

Next time when you’re redecorating your room or thinking about making some changes, why not take some pointers and perhaps if you saw any ideas that you liked or if you were inspired by, feel free to do the same. It’s your room, be as creative as you wish. I have some scented candles I keep by my bedside as well as a night time book I read before sleep, almost always. Go ahead and get inspired. I’m glad if it did!

My Jr. Pan Am certificate and letter of congratulations from MPP of Newmarket-Aurora.

Down the memory lane, my wall display.

My Silver Medal and certificate from WKF Youth World Cup 2017!









Check back soon for more fun and inspiration blogs about my daily routine and lifestyle. I love my readers, it’s always a pleasure.

By yours truly,

Mahta – Miss Teen Newmarket 2018

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This week sure was eventful! Whew! Now that I have officially graduated grade 8 I can sigh of relief and look back at the wonderful moments at graduation 2018. The highlight of the night for me was being awarded with the Honour Roll Medallion.

I have received my end of year report card and I’m honestly relieved and extremely happy to say that I have achieved straight A+’s this term with no room for any more A’s. All A+! 85%-100%. Reaching this milestone was not easy as it took a lot of dedication and hard work and most especially considering the fact that for the most time I did not study under normal circumstances. I have been in and out of training camps for the National Team, training at my dojo and I’ve been involved in a lot of extracurricular activities.

But despite all of that, I still managed to reach my goal and not leave any room for any more A’s. Another dream checked off of my vision board, it’s like I’m living in a fantastical dream! Anything is possible! In fact, I am so relieved and proud that I want to frame my report card. Really, I don’t think I would be just as happy if I did not have to put in the extra effort and handle my athletic, extracurricular and academic priorities all at once. I can breathe now!

Please enjoy the video I have shared on all my social media platforms below:

Friends, dreams really do come true but as I said before, only if you believe in it and work hard towards attaining it. Never underestimate the power of imagination. Always aim high and along the way you will see the miracles unravel before your eyes. But! I did not just sit there and wish for my grades to bump up, I worked hard for every single subject. Even if that meant studying during school breaks, in car rides to trainings or waking up at sometimes 5:00 AM to get things done.

A post by my best friend Liesel. She is very talented and a Provincial Kata Champion.

Now I cannot wait to begin high school and to start my own Operation Smile Club! I also can’t wait to share another great news with you all soon. It is regarding my involvement in another important cause. When everything finalizes I will share the news. Hint: Youth Ambassadorship

By yours truly,

Mahta – Miss Teen Newmarket 2018

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I feel very fortunate to have had opportunities so far in my life where I’ve been put in positions of interest for my country and community. I have made it into the news several times, on most occasions regarding my athletic victories and involvements. Life has been kind to me, thankfully and so far, looking back at it now my road has been on an uphill lift, but still with it’s fair share of difficulties and sacrifices. Big goals take great risks.

This time around, York Region News published a story about my journey as a MTC National Delegate 2018 in this pageant. They have been considerate enough to dive into the details of my platform involvement and made a visit to my house for photos. I truly appreciate their interest and attention to this matter.

News Source:

York Region News Segment – Empower students by teaching self defence in gym class: Newmarket teen

In this news segment, I took the opportunity to discuss my platform goals, which are importance of improving gender equality and advocating for women empowerment. As discussed, I will be making public appearances in related events, actively participating within the community, giving speeches, writing letters and expanding my social presence during my reign, for advocating my campaign platform.

My main goal is proposing to the York Region District School Board (as I’m doing now) to provide martial arts/ self-defense training to female students in the health/gym curriculum in order to reduce the chance of violence against women.

I believe this will empower women and young girls to learn to defend themselves and avoid becoming victims of violence/abuse. It’s a work in progress. I wish to leave a positive impact, starting from my own community, however small.

“Change starts with an idea and it will have a ripple effect. A small start towards progress is better than nothing at all.” – My words, as mentioned by York Region News Reporter

That’s right! I’m not expecting to change the system or the school board’s approach towards my proposal too early, but any great change must start from somewhere. And I strongly believe in the decency of my idea. I truly believe the statistics regarding female victimization of violence and abuse will speak for itself when eventually, the percentage of victims go down dramatically.

The art of self-defense is something that must be taught to everyone, most especially women and girls as usually they are the most likely target of predators… We, as girls and women are NOT weak. We just need to be taught the correct way of defending ourselves.

During this time period, I am actively involved in community events and fundraiser for my favourite charitable organizations and causes. However, I am still taking my time to advocate for my platform goals by sending my message and requests across to the right individuals in the school board as well as authority. More of that to come. Stay tuned for my future blogs, because I am excited to share about this great quest.

In the end, I made sure to get the following message across:

“I might be young and small but I want to show people you can achieve anything you put your mind to,”

If you wish to read the previous news segment in York Region News about my success at WKF Youth World Cup 2017 for karate, please refer to the following link:

York Region News Segment – Karate Kid Mahta Strikes Kumite Silver in Croatia

More news segments involving Junior National Team of Karate Canada and my victories as a team member can be found here: News – Canadian Junior Karate Team Celebrates Three Siler Medals at Youth World Cup News – Canadian Junior Karate Team Celebrates Strong Showing in Argentina

By yours truly,

Mahta – Miss Teen Newmarket 2018

Written by: Mahta

Photo credit: Snapd Media Newmarket

As Miss Teen Newmarket 2018, I am proud to represent my hometown at the Nationals as my town and it’s people are recognized for their unity, safety and cleanness. Most importantly, when it comes to charitable causes, they always step in to help and contribute.

This week, on June 24th, I have had the privilege and honour to take part and make an appearance in the “Ride Don’t Hide” event which was based in my own community Newmarket and extended to 100 km for the cyclists, runners and walkers. This was meant to raise funds for MOBYSS – CMHA York and South Simcoe’s Mobile Youth Walk-In Clinic, by riding, running or walking.

I was fortunate to make an appearance at the event regardless of the wet weather, and to contribute to the cause by donation. I wish to extend my sincere appreciation for the warm welcome and tireless efforts of all those involved. I also believe it’s important to raise awareness for this life-changing cause as I am avid supporter of the importance of caring for Youth Mental Health.

While there, I was fortunate enough to take pictures with the local police, volunteers, and staff who all put their tremendous effort into making this event a success despite the inclement weather.

Everybody was in such high spirits and active until the very end. I’m very proud of my town for being such great hosts and for my community to be so involved in such humanitarian causes as this.

“Each MOBYSS visit costs $250. Funds are needed to continue to provide mental health support to many struggling youth. Did you know that 75% of all adults report the onset of their mental illness in adolescence? Each $250 raised could potentially make the difference in saving a youth’s life. For more information about CMHA National please visit”

– Snapd Newmarket

Update: “On Sunday June 24, 2018, more than 7,750 Canadians in 31 communities across the country cycled in the 7th annual Ride Don’t Hide event, raising an estimated $1,830,000 [exceeding expectations] for the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).” –

Photo credits: Snapd Newmarket

Written by: Mahta
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When I often introduce myself to others as a karate athlete, especially those who have yet to see me in person, what usually comes to mind is a tough, sweaty and ragged appearance of a tom boy with mouth guards.

While although it’s not entirely a wrong perception, but really I do have a soft side that likes glitz and glamour and rocks the dress, high heels and tiaras just as convincingly as my gis, gloves and foot gear. But to be honest, walking in heels with blisters from trainings really is tough. No matter, I still managed to put on a smile, wear my rouge lipstick and pose for the camera. Ninja princess mode on again…

My first recent photoshoot went spectacular and I could not be more happy with how amazing my photos turned out, and all unfiltered, unphotoshopped and raw. That is why photography is not only a skill and profession but also art. Using lighting and correct lenses, one who has mastered the art of photography can capture all the nice features of any client.

As so it happens, I’m lucky to say that my photographer is also my first sponsor. Nazbanoo Photo Studios did an amazing job with my first photoshoot experience for this pageant. Their patience, support, high quality service and professionalism is much appreciated.

So now lets jump to the results and enjoy the photos. I have divided my photo collection to series. First series features me in my pageant gown, crown and sash. The video bellow contains my favorite selected images. So make sure to click play and enjoy!

I love the atmosphere created by the photographer, it really sets the nostalgic mood of a dream I had long ago. And this song, “Nocturne by Secret Garden” really captures the spirit of the photos. The dimly lit room with glimmering candles gave me a flashback to a dream I once had. I absolutely enjoyed the experience!








This modelling experience is very new and exciting for me and it really contrasts what I’m already used to. Normally for karate, when I go on mat, my goal is to intimidate my opponent. That’s particularly why I chose to get black mouth guards. It makes me look tough. It adds to the drama. For kata performances I have to furrow by brows and wear my most serious look. Instead of saying cheese or smiling I’m used to yelling and screaming my loudest kia. Well I guess, I learn something new everyday.

I’ve always enjoyed the spotlight from childhood. I’ve always been interested in fashion and modelling. For long, I’ve really wished to become an actress. I’m not removing any options from the table. I still believe the future has so many great opportunities in store for me and I want to continue shining my light on any stage, whether if it’s in the Olympics or on TV. As the old saying goes, never say never. I feel blessed for all the doors that have opened for me, and those that are waiting to be opened soon!

By yours truly,

Mahta, Miss Teen Newmarket 2018

Written by: Mahta
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